Sunday, February 7, 2010


Yesterday, while Mark was fixing the skylights, I finished building - all by myself! - the little greenhouse we're going to use to grow seeds. I started last Sunday, when I built the frame, and yesterday I painted and attached the plastic sheet and the hinges:

I'm happy to report that the greenhousette passed its first rain test - it rained a lot this morning, and yet the greenhouse was unharmed (albeit very misty).

The longest dimension is about 2', and it's only meant for holding small pots with seedlings. I planted some today - artichokes and bell peppers. We're also supposed to get seeds of seven heirloom tomato varieties in the mail. I can't wait to taste them!

This is what it looks like open:

You can see how the sugar snap peas are going wild. Here's a picture of the main winter garden as it reaches the ripe old age of three months:

The empty-looking part in between the mustard greens and the fennels occupies the green onions and leeks. I sure hope they will grow some more...

And this is not all of the peas I could have picked (it was getting dark):

Peas Now! [snow peas on the left, sugar snap peas on the right]