Sunday, August 30, 2009

This and That

When the roofers were here with their dumpster, we had a chance to get rid of a few large, bulky, heavy things.

The roofers removed the concrete slabs that led to nowhere in particular. I have plans for this backyard... It'll just have to wait till we're done with the house, though...

Here there used to be a large concrete slab. Mark removed it by himself - using a sledge hammer - for two reasons: a) it was cracked in the middle, which made it a safety hazard; b) the plumber, in his previous visit, found that the pipe needs to be changed (too old and corroded) - so we will need to dig a channel between the faucet (where the green hose is connected) and the main line, which lies in the curb, and to replace the pipe.

Since the roofers were here we've been working on electrical wiring to the kitchen and office - we're adding 5 new circuits! That's a lot of work, especially when you need to get a permit, find out what the code is, etc. More on that - with pictures, of course - later!

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