Friday, January 29, 2010

Plastering and Eating

Two weeks ago we started plastering the bricks on the closed window. Then we ran out of plaster. We had enough for 3 layers of plaster mixed with sand, but not enough for the last layer of pure plaster, for a smooth finish. So we finished that a week later. Now all we have to do is prime, paint, and put some shelves. We'll see how long that'll take...

The same day we finished the first few layers of plaster, Mark made this pizza:

He made this pizza many times before, and it's always delicious. But this time it was extra special, because he used spinach from our garden! And homemade yogurt! Yum!

And last week we had our first crop of snowpeas!

The yummy green pods went straight into our yakisoba! Yum!

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  1. That all looks *very* tasty. How do you make homemade yogurt? So many things are better homemade.