Monday, July 27, 2009

Kitchen Demolition - Part I

We got the estimate back for remodeling the kitchen, and were struck by the amount we'd have to spend for someone to wreck our old kitchen down. Pay $2700 for someone else to have all the fun? No way! So yesterday we started knocking it down ourselves! Yes, we removed all the wall cabinets in just a few hours!

First, we had to put all our kitchen stuff away:

As you can see, a lot of it is not even unpacked yet.

Here's a BEFORE picture:

The doors had to go first:

The hood, on the right, was a pain in the b**t to remove! It was also the black widow's house.
Note the handsome new refrigerator!

Removing the doors from the base cabinets was much simpler - their screws weren't painted over like the wall cabinets, so Mark could use his favorite toy, featured here.

Next, removing the cabinets. Our kitchen was built 50 year ago, and it wasn't the kind that you'd buy from the store and screw to the wall. This one was built on the wall. Which means, we had to remove a lot of nails!

Here's what it looked like AFTER:

We started removing some of the tile, just to get a feeling for it. Next weekend we'll do the rest of the tile and the base cabinets.

After removing all the wall cabinets we ended up with 2 sets of shelves for the garage and a bunch of boards that can be used later for a chicken tractor!

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