Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Little House

We moved into our new house last week, on the July 4th weekend. We got everything loaded on a U-Haul truck, thanks to the help of my hard-working (former) lab members the night before. When we got to the house, first thing we needed to do was to clean it up a bit, before we bring in stuff. For that, I needed a vacuum cleaner. I knew exactly were it was in the truck. I climbed on the truck to get it, but there were too many things in the way. I jumped off the truck (the ramp was latched) to call Mark to help me, and hit my knee on the towing bulb. Ouch! It really hurt, because it hit the knee. But then there was also blood coming out. Yuck! Mark came and thought he'd have to take me to the emergency room. It didn't look good. After a short while it didn't hurt much anymore. We wrapped it with a bunch of bandages (thankfully the box that contained the first aid kit was pretty accessible!) and I was ordered to sit still. How long can one sit still when there are so many things to do? Mark got the vacuum cleaner off the truck, and I went back to work, doing at first only light work. In the meantime, the Cox guy came over and started working on installing the internet and phone, and Martin, a custom-home builder who is also a handy handyman, came over to rekey the doors. Soon after that Mark's brother, Gregg, arrived and helped Mark unload the truck. I had a great excuse not to go on that truck again. I am now convinced that trucks are not for me. Last year I slipped as I came down the ramp. Yikes! Next time we move I'll be sure to get pods. They are so much nicer! Anyway, Here's a photo of my knee, as it looked a couple of days later.

Now enough about me! Let me tell you a bit about the house!
It's a 1000 square feet (90 square meters) 3 bedroom house, with a good-size back yard, and a nicely landscaped front yard. It is old, exactly 50 years old, and with age, as you know, come problems. This is one reason to start the blog - I wanted to write about all the different projects we're gonna be doing in the house. Maybe it can be helpful to others who plan to do similar things. Who knows? Later, when all the problems are solved, I plan to get started on some more interesting projects, like installing rain-water collection system, getting chickens, starting a vegetable garden, landscaping the back yard, etc. These things will surely supply me with plenty of writing material!

And now, finally, I stop babbling and show you some pictures!

A view of the house from the street.

A view of the back yard from our porch - plenty of room for a garden and a few chickens, don't you think?


  1. Dang. I can see why the knee was bleeding. That is a hum doozer of an injury. Very glad to hear it is feeling better. Very nice backyard!